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What Sets Us Apart?

iPhotoSchools is a local company redefining the school picture day experience. Our goal is to provide a local alternative to the mass market giants currently dominating the class photo industry. Because we live and work within the same community every day, we are more in tune and more responsive to the needs of our customers. Unlike our competition, we see our customers every day — a powerful additional incentive to make sure we provide quality photos and terrific customer service. By doing our best every single photo day, we find it easier to keep our heads up and make eye contact when we go to the grocery store or out to see a high school football game.

We are local

And we like it that way - our customers know us by name and have our cell phone number

We give back 

We work to give back to the schools and organizations we partner with.

We care

We live here, our kids grew up here - that is the best incentive to care!

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At iPhotoSchools, we want to be sure we are collaborating with each school we partner with individually.

Every school is different and we will always do our best to accommodate your students and staff to make for a successful and stress-free photo day.
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Who will be showing up 
on photo day?

(and what will they be doing?)

Bill Ray 

Bill is the photographer and will be setting up camera, lighting and other photography equipment.

Annette Howell

Annette will help students get organized, gather order forms, and assist during each photo.

Kind words from our clients

"We have been extremely satisfied with the quality of their pictures and timely manner of picture turn around. Annette Howell and Bill Ray are true professionals, and they use their creative skills to get the best picture possible. I would highly recommend them for any of your photography needs."

K-8th Grade Administrative Assistant

"We use iPhotoSchools for our student photographs and have been very satisfied. The customer service experienced by our staff and families was exceptional. Bill and Annette are very easy to work with on a business level and worked well with our young students to ensure our families received exceptional photos."

Preschool Director

Looking for a fundraising partner?

We are proud to support the schools we work with, and we provide a generous commission back to the school for each sale. We also gladly assist with fundraising and special events.

iPhotoSchools provides a service item package customized for each school. Need something special? We are ready, willing, and able to offer you customized programs to meet the unique needs of your school and community.

We provide industry standard yearbook disks for easy integration with your yearbook workflow.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What needs to be done prior to Photo Day?

Approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the photography date, we will ask your school to supply us a student list. This list should include name, grade, homeroom and teacher’s name. We would like to have the file for this information via email. The file format should be Excel, comma delimited.

Where would be the best location to have the photographer set up?

A suitable place for picture taking would be: gym, stage, library, and empty classrooms (without desks). Our photography setup takes an area of 15 x15 feet. This allows us enough room for students to move through the process and create a smooth picture day. We are happy to stop by your school to see what would work best for everyone.

How long does it take for each class to be photographed?

The average class of 25 students takes approximately:

K-2nd: 25 min.
3rd-6th: 20 min.
7th-12th: 15-20 min

Note – we do not rush the students through, but take our time to make sure we get a good photo. This is especially true for the younger kids that can be quite concerned with the big lights, people they don’t know etc.


How should teachers bring the classes to the photographer?

Classes should arrive at the photographer in an orderly fashion with the help of a teacher present. Students should come to the photographer with the picture envelope in hand.

Can the school help to make picture day an enjoyable experience for all?

Yes, although we do not make picture day the school’s responsibility, the day will move along smoother with the school’s help. In many cases the school will provide a staff member or volunteer to help coordinate the flow of children. We welcome any participation, knowing this will only help to make the picture day experience go more smoothly.

What if a student does not turn in an order on picture day?

We photograph all students regardless. Photos will be used for the yearbook, and this keeps the student from feeling left out.

What is the delivery time for your pictures?

Classes should arrive at the photographer in an orderly fashion with the help of a teacher present. Students should come to the photographer with the picture envelope in hand.

What happens if a parent has a problem with their child's picture packet?

Parents are to contact iPhotoSchools directly with any concerns regarding their order. We offer a satisfaction guarantee with options for retake on make-up day or a full 100% refund for returned photos.

Do you photograph staff and faculty?

Yes. This is a normal part of our service – especially since these photos are typically required for yearbooks, school websites, etc.

Do you offer large group photos?

Yes, iPhotoSchools offers full school posters, panoramic photos and large composites. Let us know what your school needs and we will provide you with more information.