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iPhotoSchools & iPhotoSports

Bill Ray started iPhotoSports in 2005 following his love for Sports Action-Photography. Many hours spent at huge basketball, baseball, and soccer tournaments filled most of his weekends while loaded down with a big stack of SD cards and batteries for his cameras. In 2008, Bill had a request from a local school to provide Team photography and so it started. Other schools contacted iPhotoSports and more and more of the business was geared towards schools. Local sports clubs also heard about iPhotoSports and it began to grow.
As a natural progression schools started inquiring about Class Photography. Adapting quickly to that challenge, iPhotoSchools began in 2012 and it has grown into a well known and respected business in south-central Indiana. Annette Howell joined and takes care of school and client relations, marketing and blowing bubbles for their littlest clients in their pre-schools. 

Meet Bill 

Owner & Photographer

Photography has been an important part of Bill’s life and personal identity since he saw his first photo appear like magic in the developer tray under the red lights in a BNL high school darkroom. He even talked his parents into giving up one bedroom so he could have his very own darkroom at home.

Fast forward to the digital age – and Bill is all in. He is the guy behind the lens and in front of the computer to bring high quality photos to our clients!

Meet Annette

Co-Owner & General Manager

About 35 scrap books, photo albums and books fill the shelves at home – the love for photos was always there.

In 2005 it became part of Annette’s employment as she joined Bill and iPhotoSports and eventually iPhotoSchools. With a strong background in sales and customer service Annette assists on photo days and handles all customer service-related items.

A Few Fun Facts


Most photos ever 
taken in a single day


Age when Bill 
got his first camera


First year 
taking school photos