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Bill Ray

1982 graduate of Bedford North Lawrence High School
Associate Degree in Computer Integrated Manufacturing
More than 30 years experience as a photographer
Original interests in sports action photography eventually led to starting a sports team photo business. Satisfied sports team clients led to expansion into class photo business.

Photography has been an important part of my life and personal identity since I saw my first photo appear like magic in the developer tray under the red lights in a BNL darkroom. Mr. Blyeth and the Bedford North Lawrence Art Department helped me begin to refine what has become a life long exploration of photography. Jim Barrett’s computer programming classes at the vocational center paved the way for the development of an efficient digital workflow using personal computers.

Annette Howell

Owner/General Manager
Born in Hosenfeld, Germany. Annette moved to Indiana more than 20 years ago. Annette was formally trained in sales in her native country and had several years experience in retail sales and customer service before moving to the US. In the US Annette has worked for two major retailers. She also successfully ran a home building business for more than a decade before taking on the General Manager role at iPhotoSchools.

Annette is dedicated to providing our customers with outstanding customer service. She applies her skills in every conceivable way on a daily basis to make sure our customers are satisfied and that the photos get delivered on time.

iPhotoSchools is a local company redefining the school picture day experience. Our goal is to provide a local alternative to the mass market giants currently dominating the class photo industry. Because we live and work within the same community every day, we are more in tune and more responsive to the needs of our customers. Unlike our competition, we see our customers every day — a powerful additional incentive to make sure we provide quality photos and terrific customer service. By doing our best every single photo day, we find it easier to keep our heads up and make eye contact when we go to the grocery store or out to see a high school football game.


Our services are always tailored to meet the unique needs of every school photo partner. We don’t know precisely what you need until we sit down with you and discuss your specific situation.

On photo day we strive to create great photos while making picture day fun and stress free — for the students and the school administration. We love the positive feedback we get from the parents who purchase our photos and the school administrators who compliment us for our dedicated customer service, well organized photo days, and quick turnaround times.

While the only real measure of success is delivering a quality photograph to a satisfied client, it is important to note that iPhotoSchools invests in state of the art cameras, lighting equipment and software. We continue to investigate and purchase emerging technologies in order to maintain our edge over the competition.

Our personalized customer service — a real person will answer the phone when you call — helps us stand out in the class photo industry. We will not be satisfied until all interested parties are satisfied. iPhotoSchools stands behind our unconditional satisfaction guaranteed policy up to and including a full refund.